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- News & Views

- News & Views

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AKC Show in Munnfreesboro, TN

Posted by Bonnie on November 6, 2013 at 5:50 PM

Strut, handled beautifully by Dave Slattum took a GROUP THREE under judge Teresa L Hundt. Way to go, Strut.

Sheboygan Show- Sept. 21 & 22

Posted by Bonnie on October 24, 2013 at 9:00 PM Comments comments ()

Strut was out with Dave for this show. He took two GROUP THREES under Judge Mr. Houston Clark and also under Judge Mrs. "Toddie" Houston Clark. He was expertly handled by Dave Slattum. Thank you Dave and thank you judges.

Rochester Minnesota Kennel CLub - September 14th and 15th

Posted by Bonnie on October 8, 2013 at 12:55 AM Comments comments ()

We entered Ritz, Song, Faith, Luna and  Strut in this show. Strut came with Dave Slattum and was handled by him. On Saturday the judge was Mrs. Kimberly Meredith-Cavanna.  On this day, Ritz took Reserve Winner's Dog. Luna took Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners and Faith took Best Bred BY. Song took Best OF Opposite. Strut took Best of Breed and a Group Four under this same judge. Great day!!

On Sunday the judge was MS Sharol Candace Way. Ritz took Winner's Dog to finish his championship!! WOO HOO!!! Luna again took Winner's Bitch and Best Of Winners. Song took a Select and Strut took Best Of Opposite.

All in all it was a great weekend. So nice to have Ritz finished. He was shown on a very limited basis and he finished quite quickly. We are also excited that Luna now has 5 AKC pts with a major. It is a thrill for me to see her and her dad (Strut) together in the ring!! It was so much fun to have Song along with us. She has just recently gotten back into good coat. She is so stunning and just made the weekend more fun!

Wright County AKC Show- October 5 & 6th

Posted by Bonnie on October 7, 2013 at 1:55 PM Comments comments ()

This past weekend, it was wet, rainy and nasty out. Not the kind of weather you hope to have when you are trying to keep the dogs clean for a show. :) This show was held in Hutchinson which is about an hour and a half away, so we could drive back and forth. That part was nice.

We only took Luna to this show. Dave Slattum had Strut with him. Overall it was a great weekend. Luna came home with Winners Bitch, Best Of Winners with two more points toward her championship. Strut took Best OF Breed and a Group TWO. It was a thrill for me to see Strut with his daughter, Luna, both in the winner's line up!!

NLAEDA UKC Show - Sep[tember 21 & 22

Posted by Bonnie on October 7, 2013 at 1:15 PM Comments comments ()

We had a big show weekend at the TCOTC on the 21st and 22nd of September. Robin co-owns several of our dogs, so she entered and showed Lita and Lydia.   Steve and I both showed and on Sunday, Keilani, a new friend who had never shown before, jumped in and helped out. Her boyfriend, Chuck also was a big help to us. Michelle Davis was there and helped show and her mother helped hold dogs ring side. We had our own little pit crew, so that made it fun! Thanks to everyone who helped.

The first day we had Judge Stan Matsomoto. He is a hander/judge and one of his primary breeds was Siberian Huskies. He gave Song Best Of Breed and he absolutely loved her and made numerous comments about her movement, her soundness and conditioning and said her beautiful eye shape absolutely took him over the edge!!

The biggest thrill for us this weekend was to bring out two of Strut and Olivia's puppies. They are just 4 months old and so were not eligible for any points, but it was a great experience for them in ring time and on being at a show. We had Gable (Liberty's Frankly I Don't Give a Darn) and Lydia ( Liberty's Leader of The Pack).

Judge Matsomoto gave Gable  Best Puppy In Show on Saturday. He commented on how stunning Gable is and that he's a triple taker!

On Sunday unfer Judge Mrs. Trammel, Lydia won Best Puppy In Show!!! Big weekend for both puppies and so much fun!

Other than that, Faith earned the win she needed to finish her grand Champion title in UKC. We're so happy about this.

Song took Breed in all four shows. Way to go, Song!

Bismarck Dog Show August 2 - 4th

Posted by Bonnie on September 11, 2013 at 12:45 AM Comments comments ()

This was a FANTASTIC show for Liberty Siberians. We brought 7 dogs plus Strut was with Dave. There were 13 Siberians entered each day so it was a nice group. We had Song, Joy, Luna, Faith, Gracie, Ritz and Flame with us.

On Friday Strut took BOB and a GROUP THREE under Judge Peggy Gutierrez-Otero. Ritz took WINNERS DOG. Song took Select Bitch for another 3 pt major toward her Grand ranking. On Saturday Strut took BOB and a Working Group FIRST under Judge Roger Hartinger. Joy took WB/ BOW for a 3 pt major. Song took BOS . Flame took First in Bred By, Best Bred By and Second in Bred By  Working Group. Sunday, Strut took BOB and a Working GROUP FIRST under Judge Mrs. Hartinger.  Song took Select bitch. Ritz took WD/BOW for a 3 pt crossover major (his first). Luna took WB and BOS for a three pt major (her first). Song took Select bitch for another 3 pt major. toward her Bronze ranking.

All in all it was a GREAT SHOW!!!!!

Wauksha/Burlington Show July 26 -30th

Posted by Bonnie on September 11, 2013 at 12:20 AM Comments comments ()

We went to the Waukesha/Burlington Dog Shows. with Flame, Gracie, Joy, Faith and Strut. The Waukesha show was HUGE and a very fun show to be at. The Burlington Show followed right after and was a bit smaller, but it was relaxing. One of the days at the Burlington show we had a cook out with Dave & Sandy Slattum and Julie and Scott who have Rhodesian Ridgebacks. Scott has a big cooker and so we ate and laughed plus Sandy helped with a little training of Faith. In Waukesha, Strut took a Select on Saturday and he took BOB on Sunday. In Burlington Strut took BOB both days under James Noe and Francine Schwartz.. Joy took Winners Bitch/ Best Of Opposites under James Noe on Saturday for two pts. Gracie took Reserve Winners Bitch out of the 6 to 9 month puppy class both days. Faith took Winners Bitch/Best Of Opposites on Sunday under judge Fracine Schwartz for 2 pts. on Sunday. Four days was long and it was good to be there, but also good to come home.

Bemidji Show - September 7 & 8th, 2013

Posted by Bonnie on September 10, 2013 at 1:30 PM Comments comments ()

We always look forward to the Bemidji Show. We have so many great friends who go there. People are very encouraging and supportive. The camping is wonderful. Also there are so many great settings to take some beautiful pictures with the dogs.

There were 2 shows each day. On Saturday, Song took BOB in both shows. Flame took best female the first show but needed a few points, which she got in her second show, to finish her. Song won BEST IN SHOW for the second show under Judge Carlos. Ritz took best in champion class for a win toward his Grand Champion title and Chance took reserve.

Gracie took Best Female in the second show and with the points she got from the first show, I moved both Gracie and Flame up to Champion class for Sunday.

Luna won the champion class in the second show on Saturday so that finished her Grand Champion requirements and she was moved up to Grand Champion class for Sunday.

On Sunday, Song again took BOB in both shows. For the first Sunday show, Song also won BEST IN SHOW!! When the judge announced it, she said that Song's movement was so beautiful it almost made her cry. She asked to have Song take a victory lap around the ring so everyone could see her beautiful movement! What a thrill and an honor. Thank you Judge Kim Allison!!

On Sunday, Blondie took Best female which completed her champion requirements!! Song took Reserve best In Show for the second show on Sunday!!

Saturday evening we had a bonfire and several people came, among them were kathy and Amanda. We played "Chubby Bunny" and did a lot of alughing. It was so fun! I also had the chance to take some [retty pictures in some of their great landscaped areas.

Thia was such a great show for us and so many friends that we almost hated to leave!!! Can't wait until next year.

                                   New UKC Champion- Kabu's Call Me - (Blondie)

                              New UKC Champion - Liberty's Flamin Hot - (Flame)

                  New UKC Grand Champion- Liberty's Silvery Moonlight- (Luna)

             New UKC CHampion at 9 months old - Liberty's Amazing Grace - (Gracie)

Liberty's I Believe (Faith) earned two more champion wins toward her Grand Champion title. She has four wins altogether and only needs one more to get her grand!

St. Croix Valley Kennel Club Show at Lake Elmo- August 24-26th

Posted by Bonnie on September 10, 2013 at 1:10 PM Comments comments ()

Lake Elmo is a show we have not been to before. It was miserably hot and this was an outside show. We brought Strrut, Ritz, Joy, Flame and Luna.

Saturday Strut took Select. Joy took WB, BOW for her third major, leaving her one point from finishing. 

Sunday Strut took BOB. Joy took WB/BOS to finish her championship!!! WooHoo! Ritz took WD/BOW, needing only 2 pts to finish. We felt like we hit the trifecta on Sunday!!!Thank you Judge Lashbrook!

Monday Strut took BOB, Flame WB/BOW (for her first AKC pt), Ritz took WD (leaving him only one pt needed to finish). Joy took her first Select win toward her Grand Champion points.

Duluth, MN Show- July 11th - 14th

Posted by Bonnie on August 5, 2013 at 10:35 PM Comments comments ()

Sorry it has taken me so long to post results. I was waiting for the pictures. They came today!!! Yay!!

Our Strut took Best Of Breed on 3 of the 4 days. He took a Group 4 on Thursday under judge Gladstone and a Group 2 on Saturday under Judge James E. Frederiksen. Dave presented Strut beautifully for his Group two and Sandy did a great job presenting Strut for his Group 4! Thanks to both of you.

On Friday, Faith got her first AKC point as WB. This waa quite an accomplishment because a judge scared her during the exam and she has been fearful of exams ever since. Judge Sue-Ellyn Rempel was so very understanding and gentile when going over her. Faith took  Best Bred By Exhibitor, handled by my husband, Steve Schaeffel and then a Reserve. So it was a good couple of days for Faith. Every judge almost without exception, comments on what a sound, well balanced bitch she is.

Joy to WB and BOW on Thursday, handled by good firend and handler Robin Malchow. Joy and Robin are starting to work as a team and it is neat to watch.

All in all, it was a wonderful weekend!!! Duluth is a beautiful city and we went out to eat with dog friends there. Great time!

Strut, beautifully handled by Dave Slattum to a GROUP TWO under Judge James E. Frederiksen on Saturday! Thank you Judge Frederiksen.

Sandy Slattum handling Strut to a Group 4 on Thuesday under Judge Gladstone.

Steve handling Faith for her first AKC point and in this picture for Best in Bred By Exhibitor in Siberians. Thank you Judge Sue-Ellyn Rempel. You were so kind and helpful It was appreciated.