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 When a puppy is sold, you have 24 hours to return the dog for ANY reason. You will still receive half of your money back at this point. 

Shipping rules will be changing around the first of December 2013. All pet sales must be face to face, which means you would have to either come to my home or I would have to meet you somewhere. We are willing to meet at the airport if you care to fly into Minneapolis to pick your puppy up. That is many times as cheap to fly in and take your puppy home with the charge for an extra piece of baggage, than to just ship the puppy outright.

We hope that people who acquire a puppy are serious about their commitment to the dog and that they realize they may have to work through some adjustments or minor problems that may occur. We also expect that you have educated yourself about this breed either through our website, talking to us or getting a book. If however, after the 24 hour "right to return" period, your feelings or circumstances change, where you no longer feel you can or you want to keep the dog, you STILL may return it to us after ANY length of time. The dog must have been kept in good health and returned WITH his/her papers; shot record, pedigree, etc., and registration papers if they are on a contract for show/breeding. At that point, we would attempt to re-home it for you, to a suitable home. If a sale occurs (and we cannot guarantee a sale for you) within 2 months of returning the dog, you would receive 20% of the sale price. This is because there will be work and expense in holding the dog for re-homing. In the event it is not re-homed, we will keep it, love it, and give it a good home.

In the unlikely event of the emergence of a previously undiagnosed genetic condition, prior to the dog's 1st birthday, which is sufficiently serious in the opinion of two qualified veterinarians, (one of whom is selected by us), to warrant euthanization of the dog or to greatly impair the quality of the dog's life, we guarantee to replace the dog with a puppy of similar quality (as determined by us), and of the same sex, from a future litter. We also offer lifetime guarantees. If interested, you can talk with us about what these cover and how it works.

We CERF test our dogs to guard against breeding any dog that may have a predisposition to cataracts. The main type in Siberian Huskies is juvenile hereditary cataracts that usuallycome on before age 2., (although they can come on even up to ages 4 or 5). These can lead to blindness. We have never had an occurrence of blindness and by testing, we hope to continue that record and insure a high quality pup that will be cataract free. Cataracts are not covered in our guarantees for pet dogs. There is no test for carrier dogs in this breed, so even though we breed only dogs who have tested clear, it is possible that they may be carriers. Breeding a clear to a clear could still produce a pup who will develop a cataract. Until there is a carrier test, there is no way to guarantee against cataracts.

We OFA test our dogs. A dog must be at least 2 years old before this test can be done. This test is for hip dysplasia. Statistics show that less than 1% of all Siberians get hip dysplasia, but those statistics are partly due to conscientious breeders continuing to test for this and not breeding dogs that have bad hips. Our guarantees do not cover hip dyplasia in a family pet because it can be brought on by so many things other than heredity;poor nutrition, a fall down a flight of steps, a young child dropping a pet, being put in harness too early, etc. Since all these things are not hereditary and are not in our control, we are not able to cover hip dysplasia. We do give copies of our genetic testing with any pup so you will know what tests have been done on the parent dogs, as a way to assure you that we are doing our part as responsible breeders to insure your pup can be the most healthy, sound, new family member possible. If a pup is sold for show / breeding, we do guarantee hips and eyes.

 Siberian Husky puppies may have Coccidia in their intestinal tract and also may have been exposed to Giardia. Giardia is around in the environment. It can be in the water (it's found in mountain streams). It is also carried by birds. Coccidia can be brought into any environment by a stray cat or dog dropping infected feces in your yard. If it comes out in their feces, it can stay in the environment for many years. Both of these things are intestinal parasites or bacteria, which Siberians seem to be susceptible to, especially as puppies. They both can cause diarrhea. In the stress of a move and in particular, shipping a puppy, they may get a flair up of one or the other of these, brought on by stress, which suppresses the immune system. Both are easily treatable and not life threatening if taken care of and are not considered a reason for return of a pup or a refund. They fall in the department of care and maintenance of your puppy. In the booklet you receive from us with your puppy, we insist you take your puppy to your Vet within 3 days of purchase, (excluding holidays and Sundays), in order to keep any guarantees in force. We insist on a fecal exam to check for these things as well as to insure that the wormings we gave, did the job. Puppies are very susceptible to worms. We, of course, strive to keep our environment clean and our water is tested. Our puppies are wormed and immunized, but despite these efforts, there is always a chance of Giardia or Coccidia, or of the puppy getting re-infected with worms and needing more worming.

Our puppies are happy, healthy, current on all immunizations and wormed every two weeks. They are backed with written guarantees. They have been played with, loved and come from dogs with good temperaments, sound health, genetic testing and that are great examples of this breed. All these things are essentials, but puppies need much attention and care AND, the breed you pick needs to be a fit for your living situation, family and lifestyle. Please ask questions, educate yourself and if you feel a Siberian is for you and you buy one, COMMIT to your dog! This is a 15 year commitment.

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